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Point Commissions Stamp by Lunatta Art trades stamp by Lunatta Collabs stamp by Lunatta Kiriban stamp by Lunatta Llama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate

To do List~

:star: As long as there are at most three empty slots you are welcome to request something from me instead of a commission~ But if you commish it'll be made better quality i assure thee~~~ < 33 :star:

"Web Paw SS APP" --- Thought in process?

"Salt Water Room" --- Sketch in progress


-" Nella's Outfits~" ---- Sketch in progress



"Katara's Older Brothers~" -- Sketch Complete!

"Katara's Younger Brothers~" -- Sketch Complete!


Be honest~ That's the only way They can Improve is if you show them how well their doing and tell them what they did wrong. But don't be mean about it!


Chibi Things~
Let em' Go!!!!!!! by MadDucky76105
Free Huggies!~ by MadDucky76105
She's Rad by MadDucky76105
CONFETTI REPUBLIC!!!!!!! Wait..... wha?..... by MadDucky76105
Hey Duckling~ You want a cute chibi drawing made by yours truly? You've come to just the place! i only require THIS INFO from you dear! Then its Yours!

:star: revamp Character? Persona in a onesie? What?--- Please tell me what you want me to draw! A picture link for reference would be helpful!

:star: revamp 
Background? None? Do you care? ---- Please tell me the background you'd like! DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!

 :star: revamp  Personal Creation of mine? ---- Would rather have a 'Surprise me!' Sorta feel to it? Where i take one of your characters or persona's and do my own special thing in secret as a lil surprise!? Or to make a character for you as a chibi!?

Yellow Square Bullet  RULES Yellow Square Bullet


Bullet; Yellow  Trace or sell my art

Bullet; Yellow  upload to your devinations without my permission

Bullet; Yellow Since i made it for you (or for who your buying one for) Only you (Or that person) Can use it. Please don't resell it or give it to someone else without informing me its for somebody else please!


NEW ID~! WOOHOO by MadDucky76105
Hoodless Fortune Teller by MadDucky76105
Katara, Sho Cute and Hungry~ by MadDucky76105
HEY DUCKLING~! You want a DA ID like mine?

Just ask! I only require THIS INFO from you~

Bullet Orange First. Your persona...or your oc? is there a small pet you'd like me to add in? Please send me a link of what you want in it.

Bullet Orange  Your Favorite Color/ Pattern/ whatever thing you want me to create a background out of. big details mkay?

Bullet Orange  Speach bubble? Emoticon? Though bubble? Tagline? your name? Anywriting you want on there? etc.

Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U! ~RULES~Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U!

My signiture will be signed at the bottom right-hand corner of this picture. You do NOT need to show it when you upload this to your profile. But if you don't show it i would like SOME credit somewhere on your profile~

Please dont sell, steal, or trace this art. It will be for You and you alone. Unless your buying one for a friend. Then its theirs. Got it?

Thank chu for considering my commissions and taking the time to reeeeead~Emoticon: Bow 
Jolly Rodger In Red Rose Sea by MadDucky76105
Happy Valentines! Love Ducky! by MadDucky76105
The Dragon Age by MadDucky76105
Drugs Are Bad Kids! by MadDucky76105


Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!
Background oriented? Character Oriented? (Both described in other Mural commish description if you don't get it)

Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  Detail description of character and kind of background you want? (warm colors or cold colors or Gray scale? Link to picture for reference of Oc?)

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!
  Please wait and don't complain! As this is hard for me and takes even more time then the colorless murals...Hence why its more expensive. Depending on schedule/Life problems etc. it may not get done for week or  possibly even months at a time.


The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Dramatic OC Fancy screen shot thingy...?
Zaria Amadeus by MadDucky76105
Hell on High Seas! Birthday gift! by MadDucky76105
All Strings Attached by MadDucky76105
Theodore Thorne OC by MadDucky76105
Spirits by MadDucky76105
Through The Looking Glass~ (oc) by MadDucky76105
Hey guys~! More Commish stuff~ These will mainly be your OC in a cool pose or maybe an opening title picture. Screenshot like stuff. It doesnt even have to be your OC it could be just plain YOU!!!

Of course i've got things I MUST know if you want perfection!

Turquoise Bullet - F2U!
A LINK to a picture of the OC or persona you want me to put in it. And a description of what you want it to wear (if you want it depicted differently than the pic you link me anyway.)

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! BRIGHT AND COLORFUL?  Dark and Grayscale?

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Background? - Please give me detailed description of what you WANT as a background. I can't promise the details will be very noticable but i will try my very best.

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U!  9 CHARACTER MINIMUM! ; GUYS I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Its hard to fit so many character's in a space.... It takes longer is harder to shade and color properly and professionally. I dunno if you noticed but i do have a LIFE and can't spend EVERYDAY just trying to fit 10 characters on a screen. My skills aren't that good. SO PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER ON US BOTH!

:star: revamp 

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Character Sketches~
Skechy by MadDucky76105
My First commision.... GAAAAAAAAAAH! by MadDucky76105
I draw a sketch for you in no time flat if you like~ Just gimme ten points and were set to go~!


Bullet; Orange  Detailed description of what you want a sketch of (Or link to a picture for reference)
Picture link would make my job wayyyy easy~!

Thats it~!

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Mural Yup every artist has one! by MadDucky76105
300th UPLOAD B!TCHEZ by MadDucky76105
My First commision.... GAAAAAAAAAAH! by MadDucky76105
New Id by MadDucky76105
MURALS;  These puppies are large picture line arts that aren't fully colored in most of the time. I will little coloring because i do have things i need to do~! That are Muy importante. So yeah


Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Is it a BACKGROUND ORIENTED Mural or a CHARACTER COLLECTION kinda mural?

BACKGROUND ORIENTED: Is a mural that focused mainly on the background. Has maximum of two characters at most and takes WAYYYY less time.

CHARACTER COLLECTION MURAL; This is mural focused on tons of characters squeezed into a single space. I have not gotten professional at this yet but i'd like to think im pretty average. Character maximum is 28. These murals take lots of time....depending on whats going on in my life/ could take months to complete without rushing it and making it ugly~

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!  I would details of what you want in it...Or a link to a picture I could use as reference.

Light Purple Bullet - F2U!  PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! ; 
Guys please be patient and don't nag me about where it is or else you may never even get a finished product because i'll be to busy trying to get you to shut up. So be polite and let me take my time or else you'll get a crappy job on your commission and you'll feel like you totally wasted your time and money waiting for crap you don't even like!

Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  NO COMPLAINTS ON FINISHED PRODUCT!; I tried my hardest and NO you dont get your points back so don't ask okay? I tried my best and is you have nothing good to say keep it to yourself and don't make me feel like poop.

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Aroura~ by MadDucky76105
My starry Night Fail ;3 by MadDucky76105
These are pretty much just backgrounds....


Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!  What do you want? GIMMIE DETAILS! ;
Snowy mountains?...Starry night? beach at sea? Sunset reflecting on a ocean?

My Purple Bullet - F2U!  Characters aren't to be put in these; I'll be polite and say that the most i'll do is put the shadow of figure or object in the picture.

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Persona's and Oc's
Reaching to you~ by MadDucky76105
Magic by MadDucky76105
Zaria by MadDucky76105
My Lady, A Duckling by MadDucky76105
Animal Lover by MadDucky76105
Poco The Panda~ by MadDucky76105
Oc's and persona's...


Bullet; Yellow  Oc/ Persona. (Detailed Description or Link to reference pic or both would be very helpful) Or i can design you one of your very own if you prefer me making one up on the spot.

silver bullet  Can be Human, Half human, Or an animal! 
Animals i can draw: Cats, Dragons, Wolves, puppies, Birds, Fish)

Dark blue bullet  Background? (DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!)

Dark green bullet Don't complain about finished product rudely and wait patiently if want a good not-rushed outcome! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105


There are no threads yet!



EchoJade APP~ Fierce Clans by MadDucky76105
EchoJade APP~ Fierce Clans
Hey Ducklings~
I love Warrior cats so much that im doing this again~ Plus its GREAT practice for animal art~ So being in these groups will be good for me~ >3<



 •Name: EchoFlight
   Prefix: Echo | When she was born her mew made the loudest sound in the den even making an echo.
   Suffix: Jade| Eye Color
 •Age: 30 moons
 •Gender: female
 •Clan: Swift
 •Rank: warrior
 •Breed: Mixed. Moggy.
 •Orientation: Straight
•Voice: feminine - Example; < I like to imagine she has this singers voice~
•Scent: Smells like a lavender or autumn air
•Fur Length/Texture: No super short but not long. Thick and fluffy, soft and smooth feeling.
•Scars or Disabilities: Scar; on back from a fox when she was an apprentice.



Mother: Autumn
Father: Angel
Sisters: NONE
Brothers: Shadow(Stone)

           || Gentle | Caring | Cheerful | Stubborn | Funny/Clumsy | Sneaky | Loud | Blunt | Motherly | Anxious | Not Smart ||                     

She's gentle and caring, she loves kits and cats younger than her. She simply adores passing on whatever stories she has to tell. She always keeps a positive attitude even when she's actually sad on the inside. Another reason why she's nervous and anxious when spoken to by higher ranked cats. She enjoys catching cats by surprise by sneaking about them. Her voice can be rather loud when she isn't thinking about her tone. She is also majorly stubborn and will see everything she believes is right through till proven wrong. Which can be bad luck... She isn't the brightest cat in the clans, starclan knows it. However she likes to think she knows SOME things. Even if  their little things. She isn't afraid to speak her mind without thinking on who she's speaking too. Making her honest....but blunt. Not even to mention how she stumbles about all the time! Tripping over her own feet.


Echo started out as a stray who didn't know what to do with her life. She was bored out of her mind. She wanted to see what what beyond that old ally way. She was sick of boring routine every day. Day in day out. Twolegs would come by, eye her weirdly. like she was some...unwanted freak! She was sleeping in the ally ways of a small town nearby. She often hissed at the twoleg children that would walk up to her, while her brother seemed not to mind.

One Night she convinced her brother to do something that most strays would find utterly foolish.


Echo was about 24 moons when she decided to live dangerously. She spent a long time trying to convince her brother to come with her. It was only about a months travel from there. It would not be that hard right? 

for many moons they lived in the wild eating berries and whatever prey that they could catch. They dug a whole after they got there and decided to live in that. That would do just fine! Until one day, Echo awoke to the sound of shrubs and thistles moving about. Someone was nearby. Which was strange, echo had often thought that they were the only cats there. After all, all those tall tales about clans cats were just stories right? Then her thoughts were proved wrong. Out popped the head of tall brown and muscular tom with vibrant green eyes and a scar on his arm. He whisked his head back and forth as if he were looking for something. Shadow popped his head up equally as curious. 

"Who's that?" He whispered hoarsely into Echos ear. "I dunno fur for brains!" She hissed in reply. Shadow rolled his eyes and ducked his head back into the hole in the ground where they were staying. Before Echo could do the same, the large toms shadow had already been cast upon her. She whisked her head around only to come nose to one with the tom. "Wah..." She stumbled for words in shock. When did he get there?

"Who are? And what are you doing on our territory? Furthermore...why are you living in a whole? What are you freaks?" He asked raising an eyebrow at them confused and angry.

" w- we're just strays! We will do you no harm! I promise!" She stuttered. She was so caught off guard that she hadn't had the brain power to even process speech.

" Strays aren't welcome where we're from. Clans don't like your kind. You know that right?" He replied his voice unchanging. 

"yes but!--".   "But NOTHING!" He hissed suddenly, startling echo. "You'd best come with me. Your practically a toothpick, well have to get you properly fed and put you right to work. Ya here?" He snarled turning. He seemed angry, but he was actually being merciful.

"You aren't REALLY gonna go are you?" Shadow looked up from the inside of the hole.

echo thought for a moment. "Against my better judgement, yeah. You come too okay?" She said and padded after the tom. Part of her thought, that she was gonna die.


Echojade was panicking. "b-blood...." She limped as quick as she could to minx her way back home. She was exhausted and weak. She felt faint and woozy, her head was spinning. She was going to pass out at some point for certain. But she knew that she had to escape, get back to camp, warn everyone of the swarm of foxes nearby. Tell them how they torn up her mentor into what looked like minced up pieces. Her clanmate, didn't even look like a cat anymore! Her eyes were wide and she was frightenend. How could that cat just let her escape? Sacrificing his life for her! She wouldn't ever be as good as a warrior. So why was SHE the one still alive. She told herself just then, that she could do it. Live on, and make him proud, never forgetting his legacy. He wasn't legendary, but he was somecat. That was reason enough. But most of all....Echojade thought...That for awhile....she may have even loved him....

She'd finally come this far. Joined the clan of her savior. The one who saved them. She had never thought that life would end this terrifying. This hard, or this painful, or sad. She was in pain and was crying her little heart out as she continued to limp back to camp alone in sorrow. Feeling major guilt for leaving her savior behind, in pieces at his own grave. She hated being so useless...if only she'd been born in the clan....maybe...she'd have been better.


"You cant let it bother you anymore. Your a warrior starting today." Her brother told her day after day. As if got any more encouraging the first five hundred times he'd said it. What made him think it'd make her feel any better now? In fact, it only made her feel worse about her mentors death. It still haunted her, giving nightmares and keeping her up at night. She couldn't stand it. She hated that she couldn't stand it, mainly because it was her own fault. The only person she was traumatizing was herself. This clan had accepted her, and she was grateful. She joined this clan because this was the clan her savior was born and raised in! This was the home that raised that cat that saved her and her brother. In other words, even if it wasn't their intention, she owed her life to Swiftclan. That was that.

 •Likes: || Kits | Respectable Cats | Honesty | Mice | Racing | Hunting rabbits | Sleeping in||

 •Dislikes: || DarkForest | Liars | Mean cats | Traitors ||

 •Fears: || Losing Cats important to her | Death | Foxes | Sacrifice | DarkForest ||



 •Interested In:
 •Turn-Ons: Soft Fur, Strong cats, Pretty Eyes, Funny, Honest, Brave.
 •Turn-Offs: Scary expression. Disrespectful cats


Crush Bullet; Pink
Love Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink
Likes Bullet; Blue
Friend Bullet; Green
Best friend Bullet; GreenBullet; Green
Family Bullet; Purple
Respect Bullet; Yellow
Unsure Bullet; Black
Dislike/Discomfort Bullet; BlackBullet; Black
Fear Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black
Hates Bullet; Red
Loathes Bullet; RedBullet; Red
Acquaintance Bullet; White
Curiosity Bullet; Orange
Deceased ✝
Mate ♥





 •Roleplay Settings

Roleplay Availability
Notes | ✔
Skype | ✘
Chats | ✔
Comments | ✔
iScribble | ✘

Roleplay Ratings
G/PG | ✔
PG-13 | ✔
M | ✔

 •Roleplay Example

   -  EchoJade was thrown off the badger's back. Well it seemed like just jumping on her enemies wasn't sufficient anymore. It used to be her go to plan of action, however, it didn't matter now. All of sudden, it just hit her that she was in pain. "Ow...." She looked down at her paw. One of the claws was torn of, her paw was gushing red and her pure white furred paw was now stained red at its toes. "Starclan save me...." She snarled baring her teeth at the badger. She didn't have time for this Bullsh!t. At all. But then again, she knew that her paw would get worse if she stressed it out. She couldn't eb sure, she was no medicine cat after all. If only help would come soon....


- She could smell the badgers breath from feet away. It was tainted with the blood of cats. She knew that much for sure. She also knew that even if she did run away, she'd only make it more alert and more startled. If she ran now, it end up just like how it did with the foxes when she was an apprentice, And she wasn't about to let that happen. Not again.
Infor i need
6 deviations
Andrew~ OC by MadDucky76105
Andrew~ OC
Hey Duckling~
♥~ Meet My New HUBBY!~ ♥
This is the first male character of mine i've fallen in love with~♥

Basic Info;

Name; Andrew (Andreas) McClewis
Gender; Male♂
Parents; NOPE.
Brothers; Yup. Aaron (Alcaeus) McClewis
Birthday; August 8th
Age; 16
Personality; Blunt, Flat, Sarcastic, Ironic, Emo

• Weaponry; Blades or guns (of any variety really)
• Green Demonic Flames                                        
•Green Electricity                                                   
• Summons Demon Creatures                                
• Okay With Fist fighting.                                        
• Has a Demon cat-ish Familiar named ; Nike (Victory)


I think im in love you guys...... This is Andrew, he is now my husband. Yup. Marrying my own oc. I was ganna make reference sheet for him, but you know, not so good with male anatomy. So i'll draw his weapons, powers, and demon familiar seperately.....ahahhahaha. I add his BIO and history to that picture once it shows. I'll hafta make his brother's headshot too....YAY!

This took for ducking ever//bricked*

Art and character (c) :iconmadducky76105:

Please do NOT steal or trace or sell this art. I will fricking find you.
Congrats Katara!!!~ Wait....What? by MadDucky76105
Congrats Katara!!!~ Wait....What?
Hey Ducklings
Sorry for not drawing Katara enough~ Eheh~ ♥

Katara: B...BUT IM SINGLE!!?!??!?  QAQ I WASN'T WITH ANYONE!!!!!!!!*just realized what it means*

mwhahahahaha~ Im so evil~ But anyway~ If anyone young man would like Katara~ Your invited to be the daddy~ >w< Katara: Wait...what? WHAT AM I?!?! A KISSING BOOTH?!?
You is naow~ *smirk*

Sorry again for not drawing Katara in awhile~ I've got so much art to make this week. I may make A pregnancy meme for Nella too....If I gotz time. I saw it floatin' around, and i thought~ "JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON!". In other words, for once in my life i decided to NOT be a hipster. So be proud of that~ Ahahahahh~

Bad Hand is Bad. Good Shading is Good. So shut up please. I know i suck.

Anyhoo I hafta finish Nella's Outfit refrence sheet and then make Two New OC sheets.....YAY..... or one...their twins so i could do em both in one...maybe?


Character and character drawing (c) :iconmadducky76105:




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:iconrainbow-dplz: :iconrainbow-uplz: :iconrainbow-cplz: :iconrainbow-kplz: :iconrainbow-yplz:

Duck || Age 14 || Female || Straight|| FOREVER ALONE || Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate


Hey there Duckling! I'm super happy that you took the time to read this~ Arigatou~ There isn't much to say about me, other than I'm a NON JUDGEMENTAL person who won't judge you for who you like or what you like. As long as what you like isn't bullying my friends or somethin~

Um, Things to know about me....My Art style tends to change, so please dont take the commissions picture too seriously~ XD haha! I love art and drawing more than anything in the world. I Take it very seriously. I try to be as active as possible in groups, however my family has awful luck and I end up being pretty busy....busier than i should be, and for all the wrong reasons too! So if i disappear, there is most likely a good reason for it! >~< I hope your willing to bear with me!

Fun Facts~

♥ I Call my Watchers and anyone who's my friend, 'Duckling'

♥ Although my user name says 'Ducky' Ducks are actually My SECOND favorite animal.....

♥ I have a dog. Despite being a cat person.

♥ My Favorite colors are Greenish Blue and Orange.


♥ I love Video Games, Comic/Manga, And Anime.

♥ My favorite videogame character is Axel From Kingdom Hearts~

♥ My ultimate favorite Anime is FullMetal Alchemist BROTHERHOOD~

Thank You so much for reading dis!

AWESOMENESS PEOPLE: In NO order, I will add more at some point, however, when it comes to editing this ID i can be a bit lazy ahahahah//*bricked

:iconcosmic9352: :iconcasswantstacos: Cass your mah besht friend ever since i was a kid. And i have NO freaking clue how you did it! XD

:iconpandaseed: Your my RP buddy for life whose way cooler than i am and a great story teller and Your one hell of a butler and your my Bae~ >w< AND DIVORCE RONALD KUN RIGHT NAOW!! >A<


:icontheraddork321: :iconiraddity: You're the Raddest of the rad. Radlock holmes. I Freakin' love you.

:iconamayasouma: Heyyyyy Twinsie!!! >w> luv chu~ <3

:iconmaster-she-wolf: an epic artist and brony~ Gah i want yhur skillz~

:iconzombie--cloud: Your epic sagie-pie. I wish i had your skills~

:iconwolvezrule: Nicole randomness~ XD your both the most emo and most random person i have ever met. >w< Love chu~

:icontimelordluna: You so amazin gurllll~ '

:iconkingdomstar228: Yo-ho-ho-ho and a bottle of wha?~ XD Love chu Paris babu

:iconallstarms: Starshi~~~ >A< Marry me~ XD jk jk. I know you'd say no cuz im dumb

:iconemokitteh19: Your my emo sempai. please pass your emo-ness unto me~

:iconvulpix15: My wonderful pirate fwend. Let's sail into the sun-set.

Stamps That represent ME~

Awesome Dreams by MatrissStamps I support myself by dasaii iTunes User Stamp - anekdamian by stamps-club Thanks for Faves by McFit It's not, So please Shut Up by stamps-club Geek Pride - holls by stamps-club I :heart: Nerds by stamps-club Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Unknown Artists Stamp by stamps-club Manga Addict by stamps-club Sarcasm Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps Ebil Stamp - susikicks by stamps-club FireFox User Stamp-anekdamian by stamps-club love music stamp - Fire-Feline by stamps-club Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo DA Artist Stamp by Wearwolfaa Deviant Blonde by D-E-F axel stamp by 100percentapplejuice Halloween King stamp by DeviantSith I heart Pandas Stamp by xXMandy20Xx Stamp: I Support ART by Wearwolfaa H.A.N.D stamp + info by Synfull Make Art by Felix-the-Great I Want To Be A Famous Deviant by TheatruMundi Wanna Stamp by agra19 Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl F****************k by RebiValeska Like Clouds Stamp by mylastel Everybody Wants Happiness Stamp by mylastelStarry Stamp by Mel-Rosey Jump In Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps DONT FAV - Stamp Not Enough Sl by stamps-club Teddy stamp - findyQ by stamps-club Glowsticks Rule stamp-JunkJen by stamps-club


Oct 24, 2014
10:04 pm
Oct 24, 2014
9:15 pm
Oct 24, 2014
4:02 pm
Oct 24, 2014
10:51 am
Oct 24, 2014
7:29 am



*Loves even More* OwO~ ♥
Wed Oct 15, 2014, 2:47 PM
Love me more omo
Tue Oct 14, 2014, 5:20 PM
*Shouts back at*
Sun Sep 28, 2014, 4:25 PM
Hi!!!!!!!!! Of course i love you Paris~
Sun Sep 28, 2014, 4:25 PM
-shouts into shoutbox-
Sun Sep 28, 2014, 4:23 PM
*rolls into shout box* love me
Sun Sep 28, 2014, 4:13 PM
Sun Sep 28, 2014, 3:33 PM

Thank you!

Thanks So much :iconbhienji: For the premium MemberShip!

It means the world and More to me!!!!!!!~ <3

I've have some Idea's for My Twitter User name. Which is best? 

3 deviants said Duck McGuffin'
3 deviants said Duck-Sama
1 deviant said Ducky McQuack
1 deviant said I dun care
No deviants said Detective Duck
No deviants said UglyDuck
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No deviants said MadDuckling76105
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