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[S-G] Theodora Sprite by Qwire Hey there! Here's just a small looksie at some of the things I've been posting recently! Feel free to comment! I usually always reply! Be sure to take a looksie at some of the folders I have.

----------------------------------------------… < Works I'm Proud Of!… < RP Group Things!… < My Sketchbook!


Be sure to give it a good look! I'd really appreciate it! Even if you don't comment.

But Comments make my day! So be sure to leave some! I love to talk~♥

.:Bright:. by MadDucky76105


I love to give advice! Even though I'm no master artist myself. I love to help when I can! Even if it's just a little!

After all, we all need a little friendly push in order strive forward now and then right?

We aren't all perfect~ ♥ But we can always strive to be!

"Shoot For The Moon, If You Miss It, You'll Land Among The Stars."


.:Sans:. by MadDucky76105

"You feel your sins crawling on your back"


Hey guys. Told you I'd upload more Undertale Fanart.

There will be spoilers.

Sans is my most favorite character. Not only because he's a troll character who is secretly a genius who's trying to invent time travel, but because he's just plain hilarious. I love him way to much.

And if you ask me, his battle music is the best music on the whole soundtrack. However the entire soundtrack is pretty sweet. Sadly, you can only hear his battle music if you do the genocide route. I did a perfect pacifist route because I'm a coward and loved every character way to much. LOL. I couldn't Kill Papyrus. I went on a date with the guy instead lol.

Him and Papyrus are the comedic duo of the freaking century!

ALSO! If you like Steven universe and you LOVE Sans, you'll love this amazing Mash up! :

art (c) MadDucky76105

Sans and Undertale (c) TobyFox

Stay Determined guys.
.:Undertale - G O L D:. by MadDucky76105
.:Undertale - G O L D:.

Hey guys!
Long time no see eh?
Sorry. Life has been...awful for me. If I'm being honest....So I kinda, been shutting myself in. High school has started, homework is piling up and people for some reason have been passing away a lot these past two months. It feels like the world is crumbling beneath me.

I'm better now! So no need to worry. However with my luck, I can't gaurentee anything anymore. I'm afraid.
Sorry guys!

I'll be posting more art tomorrow. Hopefully group related stuff. Also, More undertale fanart. Cuz I sketched a LOT of that in my spare time eheheheh. ;w;


On a happier note, Let's talk about my favorite RPG of all freaking time to date.

U N D E R T A L E!

WARNING!: If you have not played this game or seen someone play I highly suggest you do one of those two things. If you read further into this description you will most assuredly find MAJOR spoilers. So beware. Enter only if you dare.

I tried to use the flash back color scheme for this piece. If you've played the game, you know what I'm talking about. So I hope this looks alright!

Sans is by far my favorite character! Mainly because he's a freaking troll! He's labeled as the weakest character you can fight, however if you do the genocide route and fight him, you...well...Let's just say, you have a REALLY BAD TIME.

I kinda want an option to date Sans. But That's just me personally. Though, dating papyrus was awesome too. But then he friendzoned me -0- that buttface.

I just love everything about this game. I could go on, but it's getting late.
And I'm mega tired.

So cya round?

art (c) MadDucky76105

undertale (c) Toby Fox
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: This Journal
  • Watching: You from your window of course.
  • Playing: with you.
  • Eating: Spicy Nacho Doritos
  • Drinking: Coca Cola

The 13 Rules
1.- You have to post these rules
2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that" 
7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11.- You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12.- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13.- Cussing is ALLOWED

13 Facts about meeeeeee

- I'm more of a cat person, but I have a dog. His name is Digby.

- Spicy Nacho Doritos are my favorite chips.

- I'm 1/4 czech, 1/4 Irish and 1/2 German.

- My favorite cartoons are Steven universe and Gravity Falls

- I'm actually only just out of eight grade this summer now, and I already have a 1000$ scholarship for Coding and IT due to a trip I went on last March.

- I was born in Iowa.

- The first anime I saw was actually Zatch Bell

- I cry really easy at movies

- I was born the day before Halloween.

- I have a younger sister

- I have two brothers, one of them has passed away

- I love Subway

- I prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream (CheriBeri)

Heart Do you love pizzas?? :iconyellowsparklesplz: :iconpizza-plz: :iconyellowsparklesplz:

- Of course!

Heart What is Algebra? (No searching and cheating lol XD)

- It's really complicated math.

Heart Can you answer this? 4/3w-9 , 2/w^2-9(No searching or cheating or using of calculator)

- I could. But It's summer man, I'd rather not.

Heart Dragons or Dinosaurs?

- Dragons man.

Heart  Food or Family?

- .......Can I have both?

Heart  A friend sticks closer than a brother.. was that true?

Sometimes yeah, I'd rather not go there honestly.

Heart Have you ever got bullied before?

- ALL THE TIME. I have anxiety and depression due to it.

Heart What is your favorite band or a singer?

- Um...I have a TON, but off the top of my head? The Cab.

Heart Unicorns,Pegasus or Nightmares?

- Nightmares =w=

Heart Do you have a crush? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Of course.

Heart Marvel or DC?

- Hmmmmm. Depends on what superhero I feel like looking at.

Heart  Do you fart?

- Everybody does lol

Heart Do you love ice creams?

- yup. I don't eat many sweets though honestly



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Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser Duck || Age 16 || Female || Straight|| FOREVER ALONE || Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser

Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate ≧◡≦


My real name is Maddie, but I prefer to be called Ducky. It's a nickname I've been given since I walk like a duck, being pidgeon footed and all. I'm an anxious girl who overthinks everything and worries too much about how other view me. So if I get annoying please tell me straight up so it won't keep up late at night wondering if I am or not.

Please comment and talk to me! I'm a very friendly person and I try my best to be kind to everyone! My life is an open book! Please ask questions and so on. It makes my day a bit better to have a simple conversation. Even if it with a stranger. Ya know?


My art style changes very often. One day I'll be into more modern American cartoon styles. Other days I'm all about anime. And another day, Warrior Cats for the win! I get inspired by dreams I have, books I read and ALOT of music I listen too. And RP's I do with people of course! I'm so thankful for everyone who puts up with my late replies! Thank you so much!


I favorite what I like. I give Llamas to artists because I can or I want too. I watch artists who's art is super awesome and who really inspire me in some way. In can simply be in the way you draw, write, speak or act. I love a lot of artists. I tend to favorite and run without leaving a comment. Just know if I don't comment, I still love that piece! So please don't feel the need to thank me. But you are certainly welcome to do so anyway if that's what you please. It can be comforting to formally appreciate things. So I understand. I can't promise I'll always reply right away.

Thank you No.2 by hase-illustration


I am a VERY awkward person. Sadly, that's just sorta how it is. I can't help it. I have depression and anxiety so please be cautious around me. There are some subjects I just prefer NOT to talk about. Although I am anxious I prefer when someone is upfront with me about things. If you don't let me know, I'll eventually get word of it one way or another anyway and then I'll have mental breakdown because you never told me. So please go ahead and correct me!


I don't know who you are. Then again, you don't know me either. I just want you to know that no matter who you are, what you believe, what your race, or sexual orientation, or anything! You're amazing! Wonderful! Extraordinary! Like a star in the night, please shine brightly! Cause I'm positive you can! If you're weird then embrace it! If you're an outcast then join the breakfast club. Because someone will see just how amazing you are, because that someone is the same species of amazing. Or maybe their like me, and just can already tell how perfect you really are! Thank you for being you!


♦ FMA: Brotherhood
♦ Bobobo-bo-bobo
♦ One Piece
♦ Black Butler (ALL OF EM)
♦ Fairy Tail
♦ Naruto
♦ Soul Eater
♦ Durarara
♦ Attack On Titan
♦ Tokyo Ghoul
♦ D Gray-man
♦ Noragami
♦ Magic Kaito
♦ Detective Conan
♦ Log horizon
♦ No Game No Life
♦ Free!


♦ Last Game
♦ Untouchable
♦ Silver Spoon
♦ One Piece
♦ Black Butler
♦ Fairy Tail
♦ Naruto / Naruto Gaiden
♦ Im -- Great Priest Imohtep


♦ Marianas Trench
♦ Mayday Parade
♦ Black Veiled Bride
♦ Bowling for Soup
♦ All the hipster music in all exsistance
♦ Eminem
♦ Nickleback
♦ Daughtry
♦ Carri Underwood
♦ Lady Antebellum


♦ I have anxiety and depression.
♦ I LOVE books. With a fiery passion. Shall we converse about books? I'm so in!
♦ I LOVE music.
♦ I also really like video games.
♦ I have a dog named Digby. He's a Shitzu.
♦ Although I have a dog I'm more of a cat person. It's Ironic.
♦ I love really bad puns and jokes.
♦ I love pastel colors. They make me feel comforted.
♦ My persona is what I look like for the most part. Some details are obviously edited.

:iconfantasy-park: ; "For all the lonely OC's who could use a job."

:iconumi-no-gakuen: ; “A fabulous group of kids chasing their dreams by the sea side!”

:iconlonely-dreamers: ; “Shall we enter the dream?”

:iconsugar-blast-rp: ; “Cavities Beware!”

:iconclans-of-silver: ; “Do you, young warrior, have what it takes?”

:iconthe-fierce-clans: ; “She's watching....”

:iconmoonlightwarriors: ; “By the Moonlight, may the stars light your way.”

:iconanimekennel: ; “Need a home? Come here! You'll get lots of Love and cuddles.”

:icondeviousconfections: ; “A Home for every kind of pastry ever!

:iconpastel-world: ; “ A comforting Academy bathed in a pale glow!”

:iconrebellion-academy-rp: ; “School for dem rebels am I right?”

:iconxeponfoklx: ; “ A school for dem cutie demons!”

Thank You so much for reading dis!

AWESOMENESS PEOPLE: In NO order, I will add more at some point, however, when it comes to editing this ID i can be a bit lazy ahahahah//*bricked

:iconcosmic9352: :iconcasswantstacos: Cass your mah besht friend ever since i was a kid. And i have NO freaking clue how you did it! XD

:iconpandaseed: Your my RP buddy for life whose way cooler than i am and a great story teller and Your one hell of a butler and your my Bae~ >w< AND DIVORCE RONALD KUN RIGHT NAOW!! >A<


:icontheraddork321: :iconraddiemcswood: You're the Raddest of the rad. Radlock holmes. I Freakin' love you.

:iconamayasouma: Heyyyyy Twinsie!!! >w> luv chu~ <3

:iconmaster-she-wolf: an epic artist and brony~ Gah i want yhur skillz~

:iconcaptainbo0ty: Your epic sagie-pie. I wish i had your skills~

:iconwolvezrule: Nicole randomness~ XD your both the most emo and most random person i have ever met. >w< Love chu~

:icontimelordluna: You so amazin gurllll~ '

:iconpari-cat: Yo-ho-ho-ho and a bottle of wha?~ XD Love chu Paris babu

:iconallstarms: Starshi~~~ >A< Marry me~ XD jk jk. I know you'd say no cuz im dumb

:iconemokitteh19: Your my emo sempai. please pass your emo-ness unto me~

:iconvulpix15: My wonderful pirate fwend. Let's sail into the sun-set.

:iconhime-bear: My Loyal servant

:iconaokagi: A darling RP buddy~ ♥

What the duck is your problem? (pagedoll/sticker) by WolvezRule < thank u Nikki~ ♥

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