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Point Commissions Stamp by Lunatta Art trades stamp by Lunatta Collabs stamp by Lunatta Kiriban stamp by Lunatta Llama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate

To do List~

:star: As long as there are at most three empty slots you are welcome to request something from me instead of a commission~ But if you commish it'll be made better quality i assure thee~~~ < 33 :star:

"Persona Ref" -- Sketch complete

"Thank You....." - Sketch Complete

-" Nella's Outfits~" ---- coloring in progress



"Katara's Older Brothers~" -- Sketch Complete!

"Katara's Younger Brothers~" -- Sketch Complete!


Be honest~ That's the only way They can Improve is if you show them how well their doing and tell them what they did wrong. But don't be mean about it!


Chibi Things~
Let em' Go!!!!!!! by MadDucky76105
Free Huggies!~ by MadDucky76105
She's Rad by MadDucky76105
CONFETTI REPUBLIC!!!!!!! Wait..... wha?..... by MadDucky76105
Hey Duckling~ You want a cute chibi drawing made by yours truly? You've come to just the place! i only require THIS INFO from you dear! Then its Yours!

:star: revamp Character? Persona in a onesie? What?--- Please tell me what you want me to draw! A picture link for reference would be helpful!

:star: revamp 
Background? None? Do you care? ---- Please tell me the background you'd like! DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!

 :star: revamp  Personal Creation of mine? ---- Would rather have a 'Surprise me!' Sorta feel to it? Where i take one of your characters or persona's and do my own special thing in secret as a lil surprise!? Or to make a character for you as a chibi!?

Yellow Square Bullet  RULES Yellow Square Bullet


Bullet; Yellow  Trace or sell my art

Bullet; Yellow  upload to your devinations without my permission

Bullet; Yellow Since i made it for you (or for who your buying one for) Only you (Or that person) Can use it. Please don't resell it or give it to someone else without informing me its for somebody else please!


NEW ID~! WOOHOO by MadDucky76105
Hoodless Fortune Teller by MadDucky76105
Katara, Sho Cute and Hungry~ by MadDucky76105
HEY DUCKLING~! You want a DA ID like mine?

Just ask! I only require THIS INFO from you~

Bullet Orange First. Your persona...or your oc? is there a small pet you'd like me to add in? Please send me a link of what you want in it.

Bullet Orange  Your Favorite Color/ Pattern/ whatever thing you want me to create a background out of. big details mkay?

Bullet Orange  Speach bubble? Emoticon? Though bubble? Tagline? your name? Anywriting you want on there? etc.

Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U! ~RULES~Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U!

My signiture will be signed at the bottom right-hand corner of this picture. You do NOT need to show it when you upload this to your profile. But if you don't show it i would like SOME credit somewhere on your profile~

Please dont sell, steal, or trace this art. It will be for You and you alone. Unless your buying one for a friend. Then its theirs. Got it?

Thank chu for considering my commissions and taking the time to reeeeead~Emoticon: Bow 
Jolly Rodger In Red Rose Sea by MadDucky76105
Happy Valentines! Love Ducky! by MadDucky76105
The Dragon Age by MadDucky76105
Drugs Are Bad Kids! by MadDucky76105


Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!
Background oriented? Character Oriented? (Both described in other Mural commish description if you don't get it)

Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!  Detail description of character and kind of background you want? (warm colors or cold colors or Gray scale? Link to picture for reference of Oc?)

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!
  Please wait and don't complain! As this is hard for me and takes even more time then the colorless murals...Hence why its more expensive. Depending on schedule/Life problems etc. it may not get done for week or  possibly even months at a time.


The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Dramatic OC Fancy screen shot thingy...?
Zaria Amadeus by MadDucky76105
Hell on High Seas! Birthday gift! by MadDucky76105
All Strings Attached by MadDucky76105
Theodore Thorne OC by MadDucky76105
Spirits by MadDucky76105
Through The Looking Glass~ (oc) by MadDucky76105
Hey guys~! More Commish stuff~ These will mainly be your OC in a cool pose or maybe an opening title picture. Screenshot like stuff. It doesnt even have to be your OC it could be just plain YOU!!!

Of course i've got things I MUST know if you want perfection!

Turquoise Bullet - F2U!
A LINK to a picture of the OC or persona you want me to put in it. And a description of what you want it to wear (if you want it depicted differently than the pic you link me anyway.)

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! BRIGHT AND COLORFUL?  Dark and Grayscale?

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Background? - Please give me detailed description of what you WANT as a background. I can't promise the details will be very noticable but i will try my very best.

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U!  9 CHARACTER MINIMUM! ; GUYS I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Its hard to fit so many character's in a space.... It takes longer is harder to shade and color properly and professionally. I dunno if you noticed but i do have a LIFE and can't spend EVERYDAY just trying to fit 10 characters on a screen. My skills aren't that good. SO PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER ON US BOTH!

:star: revamp 

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Character Sketches~
Skechy by MadDucky76105
My First commision.... GAAAAAAAAAAH! by MadDucky76105
I draw a sketch for you in no time flat if you like~ Just gimme ten points and were set to go~!


Bullet; Orange  Detailed description of what you want a sketch of (Or link to a picture for reference)
Picture link would make my job wayyyy easy~!

Thats it~!

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Mural Yup every artist has one! by MadDucky76105
300th UPLOAD B!TCHEZ by MadDucky76105
My First commision.... GAAAAAAAAAAH! by MadDucky76105
New Id by MadDucky76105
MURALS;  These puppies are large picture line arts that aren't fully colored in most of the time. I will little coloring because i do have things i need to do~! That are Muy importante. So yeah


Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Is it a BACKGROUND ORIENTED Mural or a CHARACTER COLLECTION kinda mural?

BACKGROUND ORIENTED: Is a mural that focused mainly on the background. Has maximum of two characters at most and takes WAYYYY less time.

CHARACTER COLLECTION MURAL; This is mural focused on tons of characters squeezed into a single space. I have not gotten professional at this yet but i'd like to think im pretty average. Character maximum is 28. These murals take lots of time....depending on whats going on in my life/ could take months to complete without rushing it and making it ugly~

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!  I would details of what you want in it...Or a link to a picture I could use as reference.

Light Purple Bullet - F2U!  PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! ; 
Guys please be patient and don't nag me about where it is or else you may never even get a finished product because i'll be to busy trying to get you to shut up. So be polite and let me take my time or else you'll get a crappy job on your commission and you'll feel like you totally wasted your time and money waiting for crap you don't even like!

Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  NO COMPLAINTS ON FINISHED PRODUCT!; I tried my hardest and NO you dont get your points back so don't ask okay? I tried my best and is you have nothing good to say keep it to yourself and don't make me feel like poop.

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Aroura~ by MadDucky76105
My starry Night Fail ;3 by MadDucky76105
These are pretty much just backgrounds....


Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!  What do you want? GIMMIE DETAILS! ;
Snowy mountains?...Starry night? beach at sea? Sunset reflecting on a ocean?

My Purple Bullet - F2U!  Characters aren't to be put in these; I'll be polite and say that the most i'll do is put the shadow of figure or object in the picture.

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105
Persona's and Oc's
Reaching to you~ by MadDucky76105
Magic by MadDucky76105
Zaria by MadDucky76105
My Lady, A Duckling by MadDucky76105
Animal Lover by MadDucky76105
Poco The Panda~ by MadDucky76105
Oc's and persona's...


Bullet; Yellow  Oc/ Persona. (Detailed Description or Link to reference pic or both would be very helpful) Or i can design you one of your very own if you prefer me making one up on the spot.

silver bullet  Can be Human, Half human, Or an animal! 
Animals i can draw: Cats, Dragons, Wolves, puppies, Birds, Fish)

Dark blue bullet  Background? (DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!)

Dark green bullet Don't complain about finished product rudely and wait patiently if want a good not-rushed outcome! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

The longer you wait....The happier you'll be to see it..... - MadDucky76105


Katara - Moonlit Beauty~ by MadDucky76105
Katara - Moonlit Beauty~

Cuz why not?

Hey guys~ Today is my birfday~ I'm officially...older. Haha~ I don't feel that different actually. Today wasn't that fun either. However, i'm having my first ACTUAL birthday party EVER on saturday~ So...I'm excited~

Anyhoo~ I don't draw Katara enough~ So i drew something fancy to keep ya'll satisfied~ And to practice my background, color mixing/ pallete choice/....I give up. Just...Practice in general. So here's the result~ I hope you like it~ I know that I sure as hell do~ Pretty proud of it~ Ehee~

If you guys haven't realized by now, (Im surprised if you hadn't) I have this huge.....Well it's not really a fetish, but for lack of words we'll call it one. A fetish for the Moon, or a night sky. I just think that the night sky when full of stars is the prettiest thing in the world~

Whatever, I dunno if i'll upload more today~ Gonna chill with my family~ Ya-know~ The fun stuffs~

I was listenting to a LOT of hoshina Utau while making yay...

Art and Katara (c) :iconmadducky76105:

please  do not steal, trace or sell this art. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.

That Moment when you realize that You forgot that YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY was tomorrow..... I mean meeeeeee
SilentSong Deputy Try Out by MadDucky76105
SilentSong Deputy Try Out
Hey Ducklings~♥

At first I got this kitty as an adoptable, and didn't know what i'd do with it. Then, moments after i got it, :iconmythic-flame: < this wonderful deviant, invited me to a group.> :iconseekers-of-light: It's super cool. I was happy to join! I'm Tryin' out for deputy! But with my luck i'll lose! Anyway~ Here's the required admin submission thingy!

What You can bring to the group: I'm Not the type of person to go making assumptions for myself. Because then, i may let someone down. However, I'd like to be of help in anyway i can, i'm no pre-mo artist but i'd be happy to make a map of the camps sometime or draw. I also LOVE RPing.

Why you would like to be a admin: Admin's are very helpful to people. I enjoy helping other to the best of my ability. Also, being deputy is a pretty cool priveledge. Not ganna lie.

Any experience you've had with being a admin: I am an Admin of FOUR other groups. (one of which is inactive) 2 of those are warrior cat themed groups. So i sorta know what i'm doing.

Prefix: Silent || When she was born, she was the only kit not crying.
Suffix: Song || Enjoyed humming and listening to things her mother would hum. Despite
being named 'silent' , she has a lovely voice.
Gender: She-Cat
Clan: Wind

Age (in moons): 29
past mentor: WillowLeap


"Oh~ Your just bein' silly!"

Often acts happier than she should  in order to hide the fact that she's sad. It's hard, but she does it to try to lift the spirits of her clan members. Even if her attempts to be funny, Fall flat.

[Clumsy/Forgetful] "I just thought tha_WOAH!"
Often trips over her own feet or forgets things that may be important, (which is kinda clumsy in a way right?)

[ Honest/ Responsible ] "It was all My Fault. I am responsible."
Isn't ashamed of her mistakes. She takes them and learns from them. Even if...there are alot. She will dip her head even to lower ranked cats if that was what it took to show that she knew what she did wrong.

[ Pouty ] "Cmon....Please?"
Often Pouts. She even enjoys having pouting contests with apprentices and kits. Since they seem to pout as well. It makes her feel level with cats younger than her. Even kits she doesn't know very well.

[ Hopeful ] "There's always tomorrow. .....And the Day after that too...."
Always looking for a brighter tomorrow. Knowing that she's the only who can make HER OWN future shine. She hopes to be the light for her clan someday.

[ Religious ] "May Starclan Light your path!"
When she's lost or unsure of herself, she will turn to starclan for answers. Her mother taught her that she should pray to the stars before she shuts her eyes to sleep at night and once in the morning for her safety. So she does.

[ Ambitious ] "I'm Going to be the Next Leader. You'll see! "
She has high expectations of herself. Since that's how her father treated her, she unconsciously thinks that she can do anything. Which gets her into trouble sometimes. But she's surely learning.

[ Determined / Willing ] "Understood! It shall be done! "
Will do as told to by her upper ranks. Will dip her head in respect and wont stop til her jobs done.

[ Reckless ] "No....No one's being left behind..."
When she's in a sticky situation, she refuses to back down. She takes huge, scary risks to make sure everyone ends up safe. Almost to the point of killing herself in the process.

[ Wise ] "Well...when I was an apprentice..."
She doesn't know herbs and is NO professional at tactic. But within experiences and life lessons and advice. She's very well versed. She'd be happy to give her stories to anyone who asks for them.



Silentkit and her brother Shallowkit were sitting, their mothers warm fluffy tail tucked around them. Her Mother Echoflight , was telling them stories of leaders past. This made Silentkit intrigued. How far leaders would go for their clans, how far they traveled the things that they gave up. She suddenly realized what she wished to become when she grew older. "Momma! I'm ganna be a leader someday!" Her Father, who had been grooming their mother, lifted his head suddenly.

"....Of course! From you! I Expect no less! You should both aim to be above all else! Or you're a disappointment." He stammered in a cold tone before padding out the nursery. What was his problem?  Shallowkit just shrugged and smiled. "Im Sure if anyone could do it, it'd be you." He grinned cheekily.


  Silentpaw looked up at her mentor nervously. Today, was her first day as an official apprentice of Windclan. She was worried she wouldn't do well, or that she wouldn't rise up to meet her grump fathers expectations. That fussy old cat refused to talk to her or Shallowpaw for the most part. He only paid attention to their mother, even now. The warrior named WillowLeap smiled. "You'll do fine. Just relax, and trust your instincts." At those words, Silentpaw somehow knew that she could trust this cat. She nodded. "Gotcha!" She was going to be a leader someday, for sure. Even if that old cat refused to offer love or attention to her or her brother, she'd become the kit he could be proud of. The kind of kit he wanted. He'd make her father regret being so cruel and ignorant toward his children. She swore it amongst the name of the warriors code.


  Silent Song. That would do. That would do just fine. It suited her, she thought. She'd only wished her mother was here to hear it. To see her and her brother becoming warriors. She wished her father was still her, that he hadn't run off to be with some kittypet. She wished, that even he ignored them, at least he would have still been here. Had he only been there because he felt he owed their mother support? Did not want her or ShallowSoul at all? She gulped and looked at Willowleap standing a few pawsteps behind her. Her old mentor gave a dip of the head to acknowledge her new rank. She turned to her brother then, only to see his empty, vacant, expression. He seemed very unhappy. He used to be fun, and talkitive, like every other cat his age. Now, he was brokenhearted mess. A mere shadow of what he once was. She prayed to starclan, that someday, he'd regain the grace and happiness that he'd lost.

Speed: 9/10
Attack: 7/10
Endurance: 7/10
Tactical: 6/10
Defense: 4/10

Relationship chart:

Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black | Hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black | Dislike
Bullet; Black | Fear/Uncertainty
Bullet; Yellow | Acquaintance
Bullet; Blue | Friend
Bullet; Green | Close Friend
Bullet; Pink | Aesthetic Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink | Romantic Attraction
Bullet; Red | Love
Bullet; RedBullet; Red | Family
Bullet; Purple | Soulbond
Bullet; White | Mate
Bullet; Orange | Apprentice
:star: revamp  | Respect
Dead/Left the Clan(s)







Mother: Echoflight
Father: HollowHeart
Siblings: ShallowSoul

Sleeping, Sunbathing, Autumn leaves, kits, Her clan, and Butterflies.
Dislikes: The Dark Forest. Her Father. Lonely kits.

Mate: N/A

Hunting 5/10:

Climbing 8/10:

Tracking 6/10:

Swimming 4/10:

Herb/Plant Identification 2/10:

Belief in StarClan 10/10:


~ Family is a touchy subject with her.

If I were to give her a voice, i'd want it to be hoshina Utau's.....I'm such an anime nerd....sorry.

Rp sample:

Silentsong arose in the morning to the smell of water and humidity in the air. It was getting hot out lately. Since her fur was sorta fluffy, it bothered her. She didn't like sweating, it made it hard to work. However, she got up and stretched without complaint. Work had to be done after all! After all, if she worked hard, maybe someday, the leader would grant her permission to sleep in!.........Like that would ever happen.

Art and character (c) :iconmadducky76105:

App (c) :iconseekers-of-light:

Warrior Cats (c) Erin Hunter.

Infor i need
13 deviations


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Duck || Age 14 || Female || Straight|| FOREVER ALONE || Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate


Hey there Duckling! I'm super happy that you took the time to read this~ Arigatou~ There isn't much to say about me, other than I'm a NON JUDGEMENTAL person who won't judge you for who you like or what you like. As long as what you like isn't bullying my friends or somethin~

Um, Things to know about me....My Art style tends to change, so please dont take the commissions picture too seriously~ XD haha! I love art and drawing more than anything in the world. I Take it very seriously. I try to be as active as possible in groups, however my family has awful luck and I end up being pretty busy....busier than i should be, and for all the wrong reasons too! So if i disappear, there is most likely a good reason for it! >~< I hope your willing to bear with me!

Fun Facts~

♥ I Call my Watchers and anyone who's my friend, 'Duckling'

♥ Although my user name says 'Ducky' Ducks are actually My SECOND favorite animal.....

♥ I have a dog. Despite being a cat person.

♥ My Favorite colors are Greenish Blue and Orange.


♥ I love Video Games, Comic/Manga, And Anime.

♥ My favorite videogame character is Axel From Kingdom Hearts~

♥ My ultimate favorite Anime is FullMetal Alchemist BROTHERHOOD~

Thank You so much for reading dis!

AWESOMENESS PEOPLE: In NO order, I will add more at some point, however, when it comes to editing this ID i can be a bit lazy ahahahah//*bricked

:iconcosmic9352: :iconcasswantstacos: Cass your mah besht friend ever since i was a kid. And i have NO freaking clue how you did it! XD

:iconpandaseed: Your my RP buddy for life whose way cooler than i am and a great story teller and Your one hell of a butler and your my Bae~ >w< AND DIVORCE RONALD KUN RIGHT NAOW!! >A<


:icontheraddork321: :iconiraddity: You're the Raddest of the rad. Radlock holmes. I Freakin' love you.

:iconamayasouma: Heyyyyy Twinsie!!! >w> luv chu~ <3

:iconmaster-she-wolf: an epic artist and brony~ Gah i want yhur skillz~

:iconzombie--cloud: Your epic sagie-pie. I wish i had your skills~

:iconwolvezrule: Nicole randomness~ XD your both the most emo and most random person i have ever met. >w< Love chu~

:icontimelordluna: You so amazin gurllll~ '

:iconkingdomstar228: Yo-ho-ho-ho and a bottle of wha?~ XD Love chu Paris babu

:iconallstarms: Starshi~~~ >A< Marry me~ XD jk jk. I know you'd say no cuz im dumb

:iconemokitteh19: Your my emo sempai. please pass your emo-ness unto me~

:iconvulpix15: My wonderful pirate fwend. Let's sail into the sun-set.

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